Stop the Pest Alexandar!


I recently had a major termite invasion which our regular termite exterminators company was unable to bring under control. I turned to Bug Pro LLC . Within the promised time, the problem was completely resolved. I would highly recommend Bug Pro LLC. - Andrew Burk

Bug Pro is the best pest control company in our area. I was using a weel known exterminator for bugs, signed a contract and after that year we still had bugs..I believe they were feeding them.A friend of ours told us about Bug Pro so i made an appointment. Tey came out, were on time and sprayed and within a month we had no more bugs. I have them come every 3 months to spray so we dont get any more bugs..they are great people, very professional and very informative.So if you need help call Bug Pro, they are the ones I recommend to everyone. - Susan W.

The service personnel were on time, professional, and helpful. I had all my concerns answered by the applicators, who visited my home. They treated my home with care while applying the chemicals to complete the treatment. The treatment has effectively and completely solved the pest problem, which had invaded my home. I have had complete confidence in the outcome while being assured of any future rein festion would be equally handled with the same professionalism at no cost. I would highly recommend Bug Pro LLC to any of my friends and family. - Pat T.

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